Preventive Job Design and Health Promotion 

In the modern working world mental health risks and mental disorders - mental exhaustion up to, Burnout '- have become a brake on innovation. Salutogenic perspectives reach their limits, they need to be complemented by looking at pathogenic factors and the problems that go along with the privatization and individualization of health problems. The increase in risk in the area of mental health corresponds an almost completely with lack of adequate, socially and economically viable, structures for occupational prevention and health promotion. The problems resulting from demographic change are dramatized and intensified. Missing prevention is the future central brake on innovation in the knowledge economy.

The diversity of culture, age, gender and religion in the world of work requires preventive concepts. In a society that is increasingly diversified, living and working together has to be redesigned. The potential of different genders, generations and cultures need to be merged without conflicts to their complementary potential eg for innovation processes to use in the workplace.

FIAP examines the conditions for preventive, health-promoting work and develops concepts to promote healthy and innovation-promoting working in the knowledge economy. The design and balance of diversity workplace is the main focus.