The non-profit research institute for innovative and preventive job design (FIAP e.V.), founded in 2010, it grew from the initiative focus group “Innovation Strategy and Health” and the collaborative project “pragdis” (www.pragdis.de) which were promoted by the research and development programme “Working – Learning – Developing Skills, the capacity for innovation in a modern working environment” of the German Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the focal point of support “Innovation Strategy beyond Traditional Management”.
The objective of “FIAP” is to make a contribution through its research to a socially and economically sustainable structuring of work in Germany. 

A key aspect of the work at the institute is to establish new networks and structures of cooperation within European labour research. Its aim is to promote cooperation and knowledge transfer concerning the subjects mentioned above as well as development and realisation of trans-national European research projects. 

Currently the institute operates in following fields of research: